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GS Gestione Sistemi - progetti per il web
We work hard to ensure growth and new markets for our customers

Our history

GS Gestione Sistemi was founded in 2000 and already at that time the founders could count on many years of experience and collaborations with companies such as AXIS, ADC Krone, Schneider, FLIR.

The past 20 years

In the past 20 years we have developed applications in the multimedia sector (download & play), applications for thermal monitoring of the territory up to applications in the management of energy from renewable sources (photovoltaic generators, energy distribution, predictive calculation).


The complexity and the huge offer of the IT sector has led us to support our customers more and more in choosing the best possible solution. The main areas of intervention are: e-Commerce, information distribution, data collection from energy production systems, data collection from IOT systems, Web applications.
We build infrastructures for data networks and telecommunications, technological systems and automation to improve working conditions and increase plant productivity. We are attentive to every digital mutation and we take every opportunity that has the ability to enhance the action of our customers. For us, the birth of new technologies, which can suddenly revolutionize acquired certainties, constitutes an irresistible stimulus.

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