Selective Aggregators

The Selective Aggregator suggests the best there is in a geographical area, in the food manufacturing, in the crafts, in the services, in the art; gives voice to professional merit regardless of size, turnover or number of employees of the company / company.

The purpose of our Selective Aggregators is to assist the user with a range of selected offers, reliable, impartial and competent product and company information
aggregatori selettivi

Only for those who excel!

The Selective Aggregator does not assign front row seats in relation to economic strength, but assigns them and removes them exclusively on the basis of the objective consistency of the product, its components or ingredients and the capacity of the company that made it.

The size or financial strength does not matter, the cultural ability of the company to express itself with unique products in excellence matters.

The future of the network is clear, space for selective aggregators

Example: Tomatoes for sale

Google says ... About 2,050,000 results (0.33 seconds)!? Wow I say!

When we do a Google search and search for anything we have millions of pages in response but how do we extricate ourselves in this endless forest of proposals?

This enormous amount of information is not available to anyone, too many, all together it is not possible. So we need someone who can help us in the selective activity, who gives us the right indications and takes us on the right path.

If I am looking for a restaurant in a city that I do not know, it is probable that I will give it a try with TripAdvisor, I will find them thousands of results, with reviews, but who made them and with what criteria, mine? I do not know!

Likewise, if I do a product search, for example LED, on the world's largest AliExpress Marketplace, I will find thousands of traders, producers, distributors, shopkeepers offering the most disparate LED solutions and I will instantly find myself in a forest of products to choose from. .

We sift solutions

So the purpose of a Selective Aggregator is to select, if we want, to sift the solutions.

If you share this vision of ours and you plan to create a project that highlights excellence in a sector, you are in the right place, we have the right mentality and resources to develop your Selective Aggregator.

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