Building Automation: what it is and how we use it

Technological systems are essential equipment in any domestic, professional and business context.

Technological systems must be perfectly integrated with the work or home environment and based on suitable solutions.

GS builds both technological systems and control systems that command them; manufactures systems for air conditioning, integrated workstations, security, lighting and operating comfort. 

Automation makes life easier for the user, saves energy by using devices based on actual needs.

The controls can be basic, such as dimming the lights or more complex, such as creating a network of devices that can be programmed using a main controller or even via a mobile phone from anywhere in the world.

A home automation system can control appliances, such as air conditioners or refrigerators, turning them off once the desired temperature is reached, and then turning them back on when the temperature has reached a certain value. An automation system can also be used as an intrusion detection system, by sending alerts to the nearest police station or home owner when an intruder is detected.

Autonomously and automatically manage the technological systems of an entire building, checking that all functions are regularly carried out.
This is what allows Building Automation to be done, or the "science" that deals with the automation of the functions of a building.

GS manufactures the whole range of systems and systems involved in automation processes.

Let's see a simple and low-cost application based on an 8-way switch board and a web server.

8 way 10A relay controller
10A 8-way Lan Web Server controller, with normally open or normally closed output.

In the photo a simple device that can be used for intelligent home control. It can be used to develop light control applications, to control motors and any other electrical device. It can also be used for detecting interruptions in the electrical supply, such as being connected to an infrared motion detection sensor, as it can be connected to a smoke sensor. If the network connection is interrupted, it restarts automatically.

Based on TCP protocol and equipped with software for setting the general configuration and network parameters. It supports MODBUS TCP mode and is able to connect with major data managers such as KingView.

8 way 10A relay controller

The Ethernet controller card integrates a web server that allows you, when you are away from home, to access the device from any computer, tablet or smartphone and control your devices such as lights, air conditioning or refrigerator in your home. the basic graphical interface, as you can see below, is extremely simple but highly effective.

There are also more attractive graphical interfaces, like the one below, but the substantial result is the same. With a smartphone we can move a mountain!

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