Ethical code

We work with extreme professionalism and attention in a complex area, where the assumption of an ethical code is extremely important.

We are committed to subscribing to these ethical values

  • We are committed to treating our customers diligently and honestly, with integrity on every occasion, making every possible effort to satisfy the customer's needs and respect the constraints of the work assigned to us.
  • We will always do our best and will do our best to ensure that the information we publish on behalf of our client is true and complete and does not in any way affect the client's potential.
  • We will protect the interests of our client and will not reveal confidential information.
  • We will not intentionally distribute information that is in any way defamatory, offensive, scandalous, nor will we assist clients in defaming any of their competitors.
  • In the event that a customer wants to end his relationship with us, we will promptly provide him with the information he needs to move his website and domain, upon receipt of their request and the balance of their positions towards us.
  • We will not participate in the distribution of illegal and illegally sourced material, intentionally use or assist a customer in using stolen materials or plagiarizing any source, or in any way infringe on another person's intellectual property.
  • We will not participate in any form of initiative that serves to artificially increase popularity on search engines, nor will we use techniques that jeopardize the objectivity of search engines and our client's website.
  • We will always try to use the simplest possible code to obtain the desired result, using the most advanced scripting technologies only if necessary and when their use actually improves the rendering of a website and the user experience.
  • We will not participate in links, nor in the development of websites that promote pornography, exploitation and violence against women or children, racial or minority hatred, violence and terrorist organizations.
  • We are inspired and fully share the IWA Code of Ethics
    (International Association for Professionalism on the Web)

    GS Gestione Sistemi creates websites on the WordPress platform and other Opensource platforms. We are specialized in the creation of e-commerce sites, in the creation of WordPress sites for any type of company or professional and in technical assistance to any type of website.
    In carrying out our business we refer to consortia and standardization bodies, we actively participate in the evolution of the network and its professionalism. In the event of a dispute we are in favor of the application of article 27-ter-Self-regulation, of the Consumer Code (Legislative Decree 6 September 2005, n. 206 and subsequent amendments).
    1. Consumers, competitors, including through their associations or organizations, before starting the procedure referred to in Article 27, may agree with the professional to apply beforehand, the responsible person or the body responsible for checking the code of conduct relating to a specific sector the agreed resolution of the dispute aimed at prohibiting or terminating the continuation of the unfair commercial practice.
    2. In any case, the appeal pursuant to this article, whatever the outcome of the procedure, does not prejudice the consumer's right to apply to the Authority, pursuant to article 27, or to the competent judge.
    3. Once the procedure has started before a self-regulatory body, the parties may agree to refrain from taking action before the final judgment, or they can request the suspension of the procedure before the Authority, where the same has also been activated. by another legitimate subject, pending the ruling of the self-regulatory body. The Authority, having assessed all the circumstances, can order the suspension of the procedure for a period not exceeding thirty days.