Coronavirus: the study and Smart Working experience that nobody really wanted to do!

After all, people have always been hesitant to work remotely, but now teachers like managers, who didn't think they had to manage their group remotely, will have a different perspective, and after all this, I think we will never go back.

I never thought that the management of work or study remotely would become an absolutely essential practice to move forward.
It's a really difficult time all over the world, but now companies, universities, study organizations must necessarily encourage their teams to work from home.
Right now all over the world we are dealing with a global experiment that sees us all busy working from home to home.

It is evident that it is not the optimal solution but we must strive to make it more and more efficient by relying on the exchange of information on team meetings and conferences, to keep connections firm and carry out each one's own work.

We are facing a situation where we had to cancel all the travels, conferences, meetings that we are redefining today through the net.

Now let's try to see what is best to do and what tools it is good to equip ourselves to better compare this situation and basically review the system of behaviors, habits in terms of organization of study and work:

  1. You have to work as if everyone were on different time zones, that is, you have to prepare the work on the basis of already shared written documents and get to the meeting prepared and with contents ready in terms of questions and solutions.
  2. The quality of communication is important, the video and audio must be crystal clear, to encourage the ability to consciously recognize, use, understand and manage one's own and others' emotions. The emotional components are an integral part of both a decision-making meeting and learning. For this the quality of communication must be extreme (obvious, when possible). Try to use Zoom or Krisp to speak and listen without noise. So make yourself a quiet and distraction-free place and everything will be fine!
  3. Use a simple Blog application as a central hub to ensure that everyone can access notes and documents to share online. Try to turn the Blog into your new office! Test Basecamp.
  4. Even chats like Slack they can become real strengths. You may have all your communications and tools in one place, but separated into communication channels with different levels of importance. Slack is the place where 'happens' their work. I also point out Matrix an open network for secure and decentralized communications. Moreover Matrix it provides state-of-the-art end-to-end encryption, which ensures that only admitted recipients can ever decrypt messages and can manage any type of data in real time, not just messaging and VoIP.

The truth is, there are thousands of ways to do the job remotely, but it all starts with commitment at all levels. Now you need to take a positive attitude and trust students, your colleagues and employees - knowing that if they do a good job in an office or classroom they can do it anywhere - only then will this new vision be successful.

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