We create Network hubs and Data Centers, cabling for voice and data, with the preferential distribution of energy.

Let's see what a CED (Data Processing Center) is made of and what our products consist of.

At the center of each operating structure is the Internet and one or more Intranet networks, with a variety of other peripherals and hardware, such as PCs, telephones, printers, to name a small part. This is why we have always placed quality as a top priority, because networks are transparent commodities, which can generate critical issues, even serious ones.

The CED is the machine room that houses servers, storage, uninterruptible power supplies and all the equipment that allows you to govern the processes, communications as well as the services that support any business activity. In a nutshell, they are i cente dateto guarantee the functioning 24 hours a day, every day of the year, of any information system.

The CED or data center today represents the beating heart of every business or enterprise that needs distributed information and provides data and calculation to the various structures in the process digitalization phase, electronic data processing, definition of calculation networks, design and / or implementation of information systems, includes all support applications as well as integration and interfacing with systems external to the organization.
The IT development has led to an enhancement of the park installed inside the data centers.

To support the growing demand for systems and solutions, in fact, the machine rooms were literally populated with servers of different capacities with different configurations depending on the activities manned: for this reason a synonym of data center is server farm. Depending on business needs, a data center can occupy a rack (rack server), a few square meters or even occupy an entire building. 

Inside a data center, in addition to the servers, there are various data storage systems, various IT systems suitable for monitoring, controlling and managing machines, applications and telecommunication infrastructures as well as all the accessories they connected.

To ensure the operation and full efficiency of the machines, in addition to the uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) the data centers have facilities for air conditioning and very specific environmental controls, which include cooling systems, fire prevention systems is security systems advanced.

We create Network hubs and Data Centers and any other cabling activity for voice and data, with the preferential distribution of energy.

Our skills allow us to carry out the following activities:

  • Network Cabling
  • Fiber Optic Cabling
  • Telecoms Cabling
  • Security Cabling
  • Wireless & WiFi
  • Maintenance
  • Intelligent Power
  • Distribution / UPS

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