E-Commerce a sea of opportunities. For everyone! Is giving visibility to your products all over the world enough?

E-Commerce is in full development, street shops are emptying and customers are pouring on the internet for their purchases.

The world of commerce has definitely changed

These are the numbers to say: in Europe online sales reached 191 billion from 128 million in 2013 with a growth of over 10% per year.
Today, 57% of European Internet users buy in online stores, but only 16% of SMEs sell online and less than half sell beyond their borders (7,5%).
An unstoppable trend.

Do you have the tools to take this incredible opportunity?

An e-commerce is a website that presents products through detailed images and descriptions and generates sales through commercial transactions via the Web.
There are some features, which must be taken into account, which are essential for making it work properly.

only winning features

5 characteristics of a good E-Commerce site

Clear structure and complete information

It may seem obvious, but if the structure of the site does not facilitate the simplicity of navigation, the user will hardly buy the proposed products. Through a clear path and a completeness of information about the company and the product, a trust will be produced in the customer that will lead him to easily navigate between the products. The purchase phases must also be easy to understand, in order to better support the customer in concluding the transaction, and obviously the payment methods must be reliable.


As with a showcase website, an e-commerce must also be in line with the corporate identity and communicate the brand values graphically and textually. Personalization is useful both to improve reputation and to build customer trust. In this regard, the customer, when choosing to view a product, needs to view it based on the material, colors or shapes he prefers in order to be able to buy it safely. For this reason, the navigation and display filters of the customized product cannot be missing.

Technical features

As with any website, even an e-commerce, even more so, needs to gain a good position on search engines, and taking care of SEO techniques favors the increase in sales. The site must never be abandoned or neglected, but must always be enriched with content, controlled and implemented, also in order to be displayed correctly from mobile, in essence it must always be taken care of and updated.

A constant interaction

Those who choose to buy online may have questions to ask, comments or post-purchase reviews. For this purpose, a special space for communications is useful, so that they remain public on the site. The company must take into account that it is necessary to have a person who takes care of managing communication with customers, remembering that negative criticisms must also be controlled and can become opportunities for improvement and growth. In addition, having keys for sharing on social networks is useful to increase the visibility of online e-commerce, encouraging interaction between users.

Return policy

For any e-commerce it is inevitable that sooner or later a disgruntled customer will send back a product, in this case it is not useful to label the customer, even if he has left a negative comment. Crisis management is as important as the organization of the site, because a disgruntled user for a product or service can become an important resource for improvement, and is not in any case a lost customer.

Give yourself a wonderful site

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