Here are 10 'real' jobs you can do from home.

Work from home and change our habits? Yes. If we want to safeguard our lifestyle.
Here are 10 'real' jobs you can do from home.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (USA), most translators do their work at home and often with very tight deadlines. Although some need a degree, the most important requirement for translators is, of course, fluency in at least two languages. As the BLS notes (2016 data), around 22% of translators is self-employed. Most of them are widespread among these sectors: professional, scientific and technical services (30%); state, local and private educational services (23%); hospitals (8%); government (6%). The average compensation for these professionals is $ 46, although the 10% of these workers has earned an average of $ 83.
If you have the requirements, look for job offers for translators on sites like> <.

Web developer

It is quite easy to build a website having a good experience of a few years or following training courses, also online in HMTL, CSS, Javascript.
However, most people and businesses are either not equipped to build their own website or do not have the time, which is why so many people work, and a lot, building websites and blogs for others.
According to the BLS, around 16% of web developers are self-employed, with the vast majority being able to work from home or anywhere with a laptop and fast Internet connection.
The national average compensation (USA data - 2016) for web developers was $ 66,000, with 10% earning an average of $ 120,000. You also don't need an advanced degree to start working in this field. All you need is some post-secondary training, applicable operational experience and a portfolio of successful sites that you have already created and managed.
Also for this activity, look for job offers on sites like> <.

Tour Designer

Although demand is expected to shrink in the next decade, there are still many opportunities for Tour Designers who can use the Internet to acquire new customers and help them plan their 'adventures'. The job prospects are certainly better for those who offer travel experiences in certain regions of the world, have experience in tour planning or who specialize in group travel.

In 2016 approximately 15% of travel agents were self-employed, but the vast majority of others worked in the travel booking and planning services sector. These earned an average of $ 36,000.

Freelance writer

More than ever, writers are needed to make articles, create content and develop creative ideas that form the pages of almost all sites on the Internet. And although many sites, the largest, are internal writers, an increasing number of sites outsource their content and hire freelance writers and content creators. In this field the writing experience is indispensable, but what you really need to start is the drive, the ambition and the ability to find a unique point of view on the events that happen daily.

See sites like how is Media Bistro. Prepare your portfolio, or at least some writing examples to include in your resume.

Obviously, the costs for the contents vary according to the job and the freelancer, but many writers receive at least $ 150 per article and others up to $ 1,500 per complete piece. The BLS documents that writers earned an average of $ 61,000 in 2016, while ten percent of them had a turnover of around $ 118,000.

Social media manager

Almost all large companies have entered the social media bandwagon as a means of reaching their customers directly, also in order to concretely reduce the costs for television, paper or radio advertising. But not all large companies have someone to manage their social media accounts, which is why an increasing number of people have started proposing themselves as social media managers and helping companies grow their following online.

Although very little data is available for this job, as it is relatively new, you can find many social media managers on sites like , is . If you have a proven track record of social media and a sizeable amount of followers, you could start by contacting companies directly and asking if they need help.

Social media managers typically earn as a virtual assistant, with hourly rates of 15 - 75 $. However, some social media managers also work on a commission or monthly basis (250 to 600 $).

Call center operator

Many companies need operators who answer the phone at all hours, assist customers and process orders or manage returns. But as an increasing number of companies operate online, an increasing number of these jobs are targeted at customer service agents who work from home.

Being a call center operator from home requires a simple computer and may, in some cases, require specific software or equipment. Of course, a good voice over the phone also helps, as does some experience in customer service, data entry, retail sales or management. Dozens of sites make job offers for call center operators, such as, and However, you can find advertisements for companies in local newspapers.

Although it is difficult to find exact pay for call center operators who work from home, claims that these workers typically earn around $ 30,000 a year.


Being a blogger is different from any other work from home in that you have to introduce yourself and build your reputation on your own. Even worse, the vast majority of blogs make money zero  for years, until, as they grow and establish themselves they begin to see something. In this sense, the blog is not a job at all.

However, there are many potentials for writers / bloggers who are able to build their own audience, grow their site and find a way to monetize it and start making money. Some of the ways that bloggers make money include affiliate advertising, sponsored posts, Google Adsense and product sales.

It's good that owning a blog can be an inexpensive way to start your own business, with domains that cost on average 12 $ per year and web hosting that costs no more than 10 $ per month, but you need a lot of skills to keep it all together.

Virtual assistant

With so many companies operating mostly, or even completely, online, it's no wonder that many hire virtual assistants to help them organize and complete administrative tasks. Typically these workers are self-employed workers who (from a remote location, usually from their home or office) support multiple customers in many sectors by providing administrative, creative and technical services.

Although virtual assistant activities can vary drastically, they typically include writing and replying to emails, creating and distributing business model documents, responding to requests for information, writing and creating content and much more. Check out virtual assistant requests on sites like and

Virtual assistants typically charge between 15 and 75 $ per hour. However, the gain is in relation to the client and the level of professionalism required.

Online surveys

This is a well-known and always valid remote job. Yes, you can earn money by participating in online surveys. What makes this job interesting and engaging is that it is easy to fill in online surveys.

The number of surveys continues to increase as they are used by marketing companies to gather information about a product, service or advertisement.

So if you want to have a job online just to make money, you can become a paid member of many survey panels and many survey requests will be sent to your email account.

The completion of a paid survey typically takes 15-20 minutes and you can earn from $ 5 to $ 30. The rate may differ depending on the importance of the study, your profile and various other factors. If you are interested in this opportunity, be sure to find survey platforms reliable attention, there are many companies with a bad reputation.

I checked around twenty survey panels, and four companies stood out from their competitors and these are:

SurveyJunkie - available in the United States, AUS, CAN
My Point - available in the U.S., CAN
Swagbucks - available in the U.S., UK, AUS, CAN, IRL
Swagbucks (EU) - DE, FR, ESP
ySense : available in over 200 countries
NB! I recommend using at least 2-3 companies in parallel. It's the only way not to run out of surveys, choose the highest paid surveys.

Doing micro jobs

What is a micro job? These are small online jobs that usually take very little time to complete. On the Internet, there are many micro-work websites.

Most small businesses are for random things like searching for keywords, finding photos, complete sentences, etc. You can receive 1 to 3 $ for each completed task.

In general, all payments are sent to you via PayPal. All you have to do is register on one or more micro-job websites and choose a business. Registration is usually free.

Spare5 it's a great site to make money with micro-jobs.


There are tons of profitable activities that can be done from home using the Internet. Here I have indicated 10 but I could continue up to one hundred and maybe beyond.

The activities that I thought to suggest are all professional, but the network can also offer a lot in the commercial and entrepreneurial field, for this reason I still point out something that is worth investigating.

  1. The first, perhaps the most obvious but with a good margin of effectiveness, is to have one's own Online shop. But the fundamental condition is that of having unique and exclusive products, perhaps made by you, and which allow full control of the product quality and a large operating margin in order to be able to support the product with fast and free transport. Also tolerate, without shock, an aggressive return policy, that is, the customer must not provide any reason to be able to return the goods.
  2. The second, is the ability to use the Retail Arbitrage and why not do it on Amazon. The RA basically consists in going to find on the net or better in the shop under the house some very discounted products for end of series or on sale to be supplied at negligible prices, (the rule is to a third party to have the margin that allows to bear the cost of the commissions) and place them in your online store, but this one deserves another article.

Working from home is a dream for many and, thanks to technology, that dream today becomes reality for more people than ever. So what are you waiting for? With the right skills, you could work from home as early as 2020, given the situation! 

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