Be found on the Web to plan a career

The message is strong and clear, the career must be managed as if it were a company.

A sea of literature indicates a reality by now defined: the works are the projects, once the objectives have been achieved and achieved, we must look to the next.

curriculum vitae

The jobs are now the plans

In this new reality, the curriculum has become hopelessly obsolete. Of course, companies still ask for a resume, but a summary of our skills and experiences, it is equally certain that it will not get us a job and certainly will not make us notice.
So if you have decided to manage your career as a 'Me Inc.' you need a good web presence.

We are in the digital age and those who recruit, who make decisions or look for something, consult the web, and will go looking for news about you with Google or rummaging through social media, or will search for candidates with a talent similar to yours, using keywords with your characteristics. 

Therefore a static curriculum can no longer be the right representation of your experiences.

So what to do?

One - define your position on the internet with a landing page ‣ here an example

Two - identify the keywords for the job you are looking for and that define your aptitudes

Three - be found on social media, (take your cue from this video by Facebook author Mari Smith: An Hour a Day)

Four - choose your best pictures, but if you can get professional photos

Five - make clear your attitudes, your experiences, explain what you want and what you believe in

Six - make it easy how they can contact you

The last step

If you have decided to improve your online presence, use a project like SMS (SeeMySite) where to professionally show your strengths, your projects and skills in the best way. Showing, among other things, in addition to your characteristics, a good technological sense. SMS provides all the information about your account to the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, LyGo, Bing, GoodSearch, Virgilio), therefore allowing full control of your online reputation. 

SMS provides every answer in line with your skills and without misunderstanding.

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