The best GDPR plugins for WordPress

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All websites, and around the world, that collect data relating to people in the European Union must comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). There are many WordPress plugins that can help you.

In this article, we will share the best GDPR plugins for WordPress that you can use to make your website GDPR compliant.

From 25 May 2018 the new European General Data Protection Regulation came into force: the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). The GDPR is a single set of data protection rules for all businesses operating in the EU, regardless of their location and business. The purpose of this regulation is to guarantee individuals greater control over their personal data, as well as to guarantee companies conditions of equality and uniformity within the European Union.

  • Specifically: The GDPR requires you to obtain explicit consent before collecting or processing personally identifiable information from EU residents, such as IP addresses.

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we are not legal experts. If in doubt, always consult an Internet lawyer.

That said, here are the best WordPress plugins for GDPR compliance.

The addon of MonsterInsights EU Compliance allows you to improve compliance with the GDPR and other privacy regulations. Let's see what it can do.

  • Anonymize IP addresses
  • Disable reporting on demographics and interests for remarketing and advertising
  • Disable user ID and author name tracking
  • It integrates with the CookieBot plugin with no code changes required for MonsterInsights
  • Integrates with the Cookie Notice plugin with no code changes required for MonsterInsights
  • Allows AMP add-on users to wait for Google's AMP consent box to be accepted before tracking a user
  • and more

Paid solution, refund of 100% within 14 days - 1 site $99.50

Cookie-Script is a complete GDPR and CCPA solution for cookies


Cookie-Script helps you to comply with GDPR and CCPA.

Create your popup with cookie information, e
no special programming skills are required.

  • Cookie-Script automatically scans, classifies and adds a description to all cookies found on your website.
  • Analyze your website and generate detailed reports on all types of cookies used
  • Record and store all visitor consents so that you can download them as required by the GDPR
  • You comply with the GPDR rules and allow your users to withdraw consent to cookies at any time on any page
  • Cookie-Script can delete all cookies until the visitor accepts the Cookie Policy. This is optional, so you can comply with both the GDPR and the CCPA
  • You can also block third party cookies
  • Select the cookies strictly necessary (functional) for the proper functioning of your website

You can even use it for free!

NB: for now I have only found a 5 star review on, it is a young but promising plugin!

Cookie-Script has a FREE version (without many limitations), a LITE up to PLUS from € 9.00 per month.

WPForms is among the best contact form plugins for WordPress with built-in GDPR compliance. Let's see what it can do.


WPForms allows you to add a special "GDPR Agreement" checkbox to your forms.

WPForms costs from $ 39.50 per year. There is also one free version of WPForms which is GDPR compliant.

Cookie Notice for GDPR & CCPA


A free cookie notification popup plugin for WordPress, allows users to give or deny consent to the use of cookies.

It helps you comply with the GDPR and also the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act).

You can customize the cookie notice and include links to your privacy policy or legal pages.

It is very simple and quick to activate.

The plugin is SEO friendly and WPML compatible if you have a multilingual website. It also integrates seamlessly with MonsterInsights and keeps the Google Analytics code inactive until the user gives consent. On the other hand it must be said that it activates a lot of advertising that could be disabling, too bad it was a perfect tool.

Completely free, it pays for itself with advertising. There is no premium version.


The fastest growing WordPress GDPR cookie consent plugin, boasts over 1,000,000 installs. For us, the best!

Identify all cookies with one click.
GDPR Cookie Consent scans all pages of the website and automatically checks for cookies.

The cookies thus identified are added to the list of cookies in the plug-in along with the other necessary details.

In addition to automatically added cookies, you can also add cookies manually.

The details of the cookies can be changed manually so that we can provide more information to your users.

You can easily export the cookie details to a CSV file for later use.

The automatic script blocking feature allows you to block cookies before consent is given.

Allows you to obtain explicit consent without pre-ticked boxes.

The plugin offers you the ability to select which scripts should be automatically blocked before consent and which scripts should not be blocked.

The list of third party scripts that are automatically blocked are:

  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Hotjar Analytics
  • Google Publisher Tag
  • Youtube
  • Vimeo
  • Google Maps
  • Google Adsense
  • Matomo Analytics
  • AddThis widget
  • ShareThis widget
  • Twitter widget
  • Soundcloud
  • Slideshare
  • Linkedin widget
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Hubspot Analytics

Completely free in the basic version. There is a Personal version from $49.00 for a website, with one year of updates.


Complianz allows you to easily create cookie alerts for different countries (EU, UK, US or Canada). You can use it to create a GDPR "cookie wall" or other types of banners.

With Complianz, you can scan your site for cookies. This allows you to automatically add cookie descriptions to your site.

Complianz has a simple and intuitive configuration process. It guides you step by step in getting the plug-in up and running on your site.

The premium version allows you to view stats, generate legally approved documents, and more.

Complianz starts at $ 45.00 / year for a website. There is also a severely limited free version.


Moove's GDPR Cookie Compliance is a plug-in that allows users to enable or disable cookies on your site.

The cookie consent notice is fully customizable and editable so you can use your own text, logo, colors and fonts.

The premium version includes a "cookie wall" that prevents users from seeing your site until they accept or decline cookies. You can also target users based on their location and view statistics on how many users have accepted your cookies.

You need to add scripts that use cookies in the plug-in settings. Otherwise, it cannot block them.

It might be the only GDPR plug-in in the free version that actually works!

The basic version of GDPR Cookie Compliance is free. The premium version offers more features with costs starting from £ 49 (GBP).


It allows you to easily create a simple customizable banner for your website for your cookie policy. Users can then click to accept cookies or click to view your privacy policy.

Shortcodes can be used to prevent sections of code or even text from being displayed if cookies are not accepted.

This plugin uses responsive design, so it should look good on all mobile devices. It is also fully compatible with WPML for multilingual websites.

Designed to be a lightweight plugin that shouldn't affect the speed and performance of your WordPress site.

Has some compatibility issues with Elementor and Nextgen.

EU Cookie Law for GDPR / CCPA is a free and open source plugin.

So which GDPR plugin to use?

The plugins you need for the GDPR depend solely on your needs.

If you're not sure which one to choose, here are the absolutely must-have plugins:

Uses MonsterInsights to easily add and control Google Analytics tracking. It is the best Google Analytics tool for WordPress and makes it very easy to comply with the GDPR when it comes to data analytics.

USA WPForms to create GDPR compliant contact forms, registration forms, booking forms and more. Adding GDPR compliance to forms is as simple as checking a box.

Uses Cookie Notice for GDPR & CCPA to be notified of cookies on your site. It integrates with MonsterInsights and has many options to customize how cookie consent works.

Particular attention deserves Cookie-Script, but is still under observation. 

"Stay tuned"

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