Conditional logic in E-commerce

In the creation of e-commerce sites very often, almost always, there is the need to edit products for sale with an infinite possibility of variations.

Think of the possible and infinite combinations for determining the price of a window frame, with the measures of height and width per millimeter and in addition the selection of accessories.
A real puzzle, but we have the solution, simple and definitive.
We give the possibility to calculate the final price of the product based on the options chosen, using mathematical formulas with simple operators (+ -: * AND OR).

The options can be with text entry, with drop-down menus, with radio buttons, with images and with the possibility of using also non-variable options.
In addition, the options may contain fixed values or mathematical formulas. It is possible to use practically any mathematical formula for the calculation of the price of the product or service, with conditional logic and to apply the formulas in different circumstances (show / hide). We can also calculate the distance of a route that a taxi must do and calculate the rate in relation to the number of hours of hire, the number of passengers or the weight of the object to be transported, as we can calculate the weight and volume of a product based on its measurements.

This allows you to design the appearance of the sales page in an easy and intuitive way.
So infinite possibilities with a click.

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