The global revolution of the Internet of Things. We are ready?

Security, training and political responsibility are the cornerstone of Industry 4.0 as emerged during an event of The Ruling Companies Association dedicated to the opportunities and risks associated with digital transformation activated through the IoT

We are ready for global revolution of the Internet of Things that will bring about a change in the economy, in industrial culture and in people's lives? Are we ready to develop new business strategies to meet the challenge that the Internet of Things is launching to all sectors of industry and services? We are ready to conceive the Internet of Things as a production ecosystem that provides innovation and growth to the Italian industry? These are some of the questions to which The Ruling Companies Association tried to answer during the conference "Internet of Things: a global revolution". The aim is to explain the operational and economic implications of the Internet of things, in particular, the reflection was supported by the ninth volume "Looking Forward"Of Accenture Strategy entitled"The revolution of the Internet of Things. Intelligence in the heart of things".

As he pointed out Gionata Tedeschi, Managing Director of Accenture Strategy, the first step to face the global revolution implemented by the IoT is to change attitude. Italian companies must acquire the ability to translate difficulties into rapid changes, to exploit data in real time and above all to recognize IoT as investment source.
Forecasts tell us that in 2030 Italy could benefit from 200 billion coming from the integration of IoT into the global economy. To obtain economic results, the investment must be directed towards the sector in which the IoT has the greatest impact in terms of use, i.e. the services. The music, insurance and e-commerce sectors thanks to the "technology that goes into things”They reinvented the service models, for example, offering consumers tools to self-learn and to be always connected with each proposal. The concept of industry and business has completely changed. The technology and the business that were considered in sequence, today interact with each other making the real ones emerge priority of companies. It is a reciprocal exchange that focuses on two elements, safety and training, on which the automotive, smart cities and manufacturing 4.0 or Industry 4.0 have already made great strides.

IoT as a development opportunity

IoT represents a chance of development only for Italian industries that will be able to integrate and exploit all the components of this complex production ecosystem. This is an opportunity for growth to be seized and that the manufacturing sector cannot miss, as it has indicated Alberto Baban, President of Confindustria Small Industry, «As an entrepreneur and as manager of the Small Industry I convinced myself that containers and places are needed where there is a contamination of ideas, projects, desire for the future. Something more than praiseworthy and never too many start-up incubators. I think of gods Digital Innovation Hub, where there are skills and businesses can access them to contaminate themselves. Centers where companies talk to each other, act as drivers, carry out process evangelization activities. We have reached a critical and divisive point where businesses will either be fast and innovative, or conservative and set for decline. Managers will be decisive in the game: there will be growth where a ruling class will be created up to the IoT challenge, capable of promoting collaboration between intelligence and working in teams with a strong community spirit ».
Those who are at the top of the company have the responsibility to manage the rapid transformation caused by the so-called 'Fourth industrial revolution'of the IoT. To keep up with the times, BoDs and top management must understand the centrality and potential of the IoT, integrate digital skills in SMEs and create Digital Innovation Hubs, accelerating the digitalisation process of the Public Administration and finally have the possibility of a structural application of IoT in transport, agriculture and health, without excessive constraints imposed by the state. In fact, the appeal of Elio Catania, President of Confindustria Digitale, who said: «I find myself invoking the state, asking it to hurry up and decide why the whole ecosystem starts moving if it starts operating. Precise and positive signals come from the country: nobody wants to miss the opportunity. Companies must therefore be offered certain dates which will transform them ideas in a country project».


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