Speed becomes a ranking factor, is your site ready?

Google, the world's first search engine, introduced the already known Speed Update to SERP Mobile in July 2018. A news that had long been expected in the SEO landscape, in fact Google already in 2010 had made official that the speed of a website is a ranking factor in the SERP Desktop.

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Crazy speed to be found!

So the speed of a site becomes a key factor in satisfying the search intent and remains a very important factor for Google.
For this reason it should always be kept in mind that the website must not only satisfy the search engine, but above all the user.
Google also makes a clarification, the report below by quoting the words verbatim:

"The intent of the search query is still a very strong signal, so a slow page may still rank highly if it has great, relevant content."
"The query search intent is still a very strong signal, so a slow page can still rank very well if it has relevant content."

Therefore the combination of speed and valuable content makes the difference in providing answers to the user.
Obviously, the contents must always live up to the website and clearly demonstrate the contribution we make to the network, but also the performance of the website becomes essential, but if we are solely responsible for the contents for the speed, we must necessarily rely on the external, therefore an adequate hosting service is the only answer.

Which is the best Italian hosting?

We have no doubts, SiteGround is the best service of the moment.

SiteGround is an international company but since 2017 it has also opened its own branch in Milan. This company was founded in 2004, has been active for over a decade.

Over the years it has made itself known a lot for domain registration and hosting and to date it has positioned itself among the top 3 companies worldwide. This according to the major international websites that review hosting companies.
SiteGround has all the advantages of a managed hosting service (that is, co-managed by the provider), with the flexibility and convenience of a shared plan. If you want your WordPress site to "go to the max", you must rely on one of the providers that offer specific hosting plans for this CMS platform. Sometimes, choosing a managed WordPress plan limits your flexibility and also has a rather high cost. SiteGround offers optimized plans for WordPress, with an excellent support service, at an undoubtedly affordable price, starting from € 3.95 a month!


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