The many reasons to make a 335 million MAU social network on Twitter

The many reasons to make a 335 million MAU (Monthly Active User) social network on Twitter

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Twitter is a social media site for news, entertainment, sports, politics and more.

Twitter is a microblogging platform. It can be used as a corporate network and as a search engine for news and information.
It is an excellent tool to monitor the exchange of information within the topics of your interest, it allows you to connect with the leaders of an industry and generate Leads and Prospects. It is a platform where people can give space to their thoughts and consequently it is the right place to give visibility to your company in terms of thought and motivation. So if you think of using Twitter as a lever to promote the ideas that underlie your product or service you are in the right place, but behind the strategies there are behaviors that must be respected to achieve the purpose.

1. Twitter is a fundamental platform to immediately get feedback on your services / products

On Twitter, users / customers can provide a clear and immediate view of how a service / product is going and if it complies with their expectations. Twitter allows you to monitor in real time what people say about us and allows you to feel the pulse of your sector and check in real time the satisfaction of your services / products and test the validity of the new initiatives you intend to put in place.

2. The Twitter platform can be used perfectly to investigate tastes and preferences

Within a given market and in order to adapt what you do to new needs or to make the decision to enter a new segment, Twitter is the tool that allows you to observe and understand trends and verify the effectiveness of our strategies , is the litmus test of our ideas!

3. Understand the market and competition

It can also be used to understand how the competition behaves and to see what goes and what does not go, and from here to do and implement your strategy in perfect adherence with the trends of your market.

4. Your follower network to test and promote

With Twitter it is possible to create a network of followers with which to exchange opinions and activate a relationship of mutual trust and loyalty and this does not apply only to large companies, but also to micro-realities. In this way, customers can be loyal, for example by creating promotional campaigns reserved for their followers, also through Discount Coupons, asking them to test, at an advantageous price, a new product and this is extremely effective precisely for those companies that they target small market niches.

5. Launch Events and understand their effectiveness

Obviously Twitter is extremely effective for promoting events in real time and having immediate feedback on the initiative, therefore promptly adopting any corrective action or simply having confirmation that it is perfectly centered and coherent. Unlike any other platform with Twitter you have the opportunity to feel the pulse and find out what those who are interested are saying and how it can be accepted in your context.

6. Building brand awareness

It is very interesting to use Twitter to build brand awareness, that is, the awareness and reliability of the brand, highlighting the reviews collected through Twitter on one's website and making communication completely transparent. In fact, the very possibility of having a direct dialogue with the market allows for immediate and reliable feedback for new customers.

Obviously, to implement these points in your marketing strategy you need timely and timely management, in fact many companies do not use Twitter because they are afraid of not being able to give immediate answers to the Tweets of the clients / users interested in your market.

In these cases it is essential to make use of an organization or staff that is dedicated to the platform because unlike other social networks, which can be used only to disclose or advertise a product, Twitter needs real-time management of the followers.

Twitter needs constant and effective actions in real time to reap all the benefits.

In other words, you can't tweet and forget it!

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