The silent calls from Tunisia. The scam

Here we are again with the scam of silent calls from Tunisia.

telefonate mute dalla Tunisia: non richiamate questi numeri

Mute calls from Tunisia, don't call these numbers.

A phone call arrives with the prefix +216, think of something important or you are just curious about who it is, then call back and the scam starts here.

On the other hand, no one answers, just some background noise, but you don't know you have called a toll-free number. The rates of these providers can even reach € 1.50 per second !!

So think twice before answering or calling back totally unknown numbers. In any case there are no risks at the time of the response, the trap is triggered only when you call back.

Here are some prefixes to watch out for:

  • +373 Moldova
  • +216 Tunisia
  • +383 Kosovo

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