Did you know that around 100,000 sites are hacked every day?

The numbers are staggering.

Just to get an idea, the well-known firewall and malware scanner WordFence it blocks more than 4 billion attacks per month and blacklists over 180,000 IP addresses every thirty days from where these attacks start.

With these premises it is clear that we must organize ourselves well to face this situation and make your website safe.

WordPress, the most popular CMS in the world, is safe in itself, but often the plugins used are not. So the choice of the developer, who makes a plugin available, is of fundamental importance, it is important to know how he created the code and if it is reliable, if it has structural deficiencies in terms of security and if it is constantly updated.

So the first thing to do is to build websites with very few plugins of which you know perfectly the reliability of the developer, also because, if you base your infrastructure on a plugin that will not be updated or even available, you will have to redo much of your website, with a huge and unjustified waste of time.

There are many tools for hacking systems and networks

It is unbelievable but on the net there are websites where you can learn to 'violate' a site, there are even rankings with the most popular systems for doing it, one of these is https://softwaretestinghelp.com , a sort of consultation tool to use software designed to test the robustness of your website, this is their 2020 ranking:

First nameplatformIdeal forkindPrice
KiuwanWindows, Unix / Linux and MacOsCode security and code analysis.Application securityFree trial version.
NmapMac OS, Linux, OpenBSD, Solaris, WindowsNetwork scan.Cyber security and network management.Free
MetasploitMac OS, Linux, WindowsBuilding evasive tools.SafetyMetasploit Framework: free.
IntruderCloud-basedDetection and correction of vulnerabilities in your infrastructure.Cyber and network security.Free monthly trial version.
Aircrack-ngCross-platformSupports any wireless network interface controller.Sniffer and packet injector.Free
WiresharkLinux, Windows, Mac OS, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSDAnalysis of data packets.Package analyzerFree
ettercapCross-platformIt allows you to create custom plugins.Computer securityFree

A tip, with simple internet searches, you can easily find out if a plugin has vulnerabilities that can be exploited. The most organized are definitely:

  • wordfence.com/blog/category/vulnerabilities/
  • pluginvulnerabilities.com 

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