Engagement strategies designed for the enhancement of the brand

Brand Engagement, building a successful strategy.

Brand Engagement is the process of generating experiences that are able to add value to consumers' lives and foster a relationship of trust with the brand.

Brand Engagement is based on the concept of reciprocity.

Thousands of Internet-centered companies use the freemium model

In this digital age, creating a free product or service and distributing it cost almost nothing. This has given rise to many companies that attract potential customers by giving free access to their fantastic products.

So, once you have used the free product of a certain brand and you have a good experience, you can trust that brand and the company.

Once confidence is gained, it can be used to sell Premium products.

Today, thousands of web-centered companies around the world use the freemium model!

Let's see some concrete examples

Google captures the attention of consumers by offering free search results and email accounts. Then the user gets used to using their products. Google uses this trust to sell premium products and PPC ads to advertisers who need our attention.

Tons of apps for iOS and Android are free. They attract attention without spending a dime on advertising. As a result, they sell premium apps to people who already have good experience in using their free products.

Dropbox offers free storage space. Makes you accustomed to using the backup and storage solution in the Cloud. After years of using Dropbox, if you need more storage space, you won't hesitate to pay for it even if there is another cheaper solution on the market. It is difficult to change habits and go through a new and difficult learning curve. It is easier to spend a little on a product that is already being used and that we know well.

Many products on the web are free in the trial phase or in the basic solution, thousands of website themes, thousands and thousands of plugins are free, but if you want full performance, you must purchase the Premium version. For this reason, a good Brand Engagement first creates trust and facilitates the conversion of potential customers into real customers, while seeing dozens of times an advertised brand only creates awareness of that brand, I know it exists and nothing else.

It is obvious that in some business models, it is not possible to give away the product for free. In these cases, strong discounts and promotions are the basis of the brand's affirmation. Flipkart and Amazon are excellent examples.

Now to you!

We like to carry out targeted Brand Engagement activities, because it is the right strategy to stay online, with a blog with products and who knows what else.

So if your business model allows you to, make part of your work available for free, build customer loyalty, make them understand how much you are worth and you can grow relentlessly.

Obviously advertising in support of the brand is important, but reciprocity is more important!

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