Only one website to design, build and update, but only if it is responsive!

There is no doubt that responsive design is more complex than a traditional desktop website

However, having a responsive website requires much less work than having two separate ones. If you opt for a separate mobile website, you need to build two different websites. With a responsive one, it's always the same site. This will not only save you time and money in the planning phase, but will make the life of your development team much easier. When you need to make a change to your website, it's all going to be done in one place.

Better for SEO

If you want your website to be well positioned in both mobile and desktop search, with a responsive design, only one version of each page is sufficient. While when you opt for a separate mobile website, it is doubling the work for you and your marketing team. A responsive website is easier for search and your customers to optimize, because every optimization effort will be concentrated in one place. You no longer have to worry about potential duplicate content.


Good responsive design is the right solution for today, tomorrow, and many years to come. Although technology changes rapidly and continuously, responsive design retains its design validity. Meets the needs of all browsers, and all devices with various resolutions and screen sizes. Technological changes can make a mobile website quickly obsolete. While with responsive design it has the greatest longevity potential than any other solution available today.

If Responsive is much better, why don't big sites like Amazon or eBay use it?

Despite all the positive aspects of responsive design, there are still a lot of skeptics out there. One of the most common topics you will hear, it sounds more or less like this: but sites like Amazon and eBay don't use responsive design and still have a lot of sales and customers. This is absolutely true, but there is an important distinction that we must make: we are neither Amazon nor eBay. These are mega companies with multi-million dollar budgets to spend on their websites and marketing campaigns. They already have millions of loyal customers. So unless you're in the same boat, you'd probably be better off opting for responsive web design rather than imitating these retail giants.

If you want to reach as many customers as possible and grow your business as far as possible, you need the best web solutions. For most businesses and their budgets, responsive web design provides everything you need and more.

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