Is it possible to sell by size and weight?

Sell at unit prices or allow customers to purchase precise quantities with the price calculator

Do you know that you can sell your products based on the price per unit?
If you sell T-shirts or mobile phones it is easy to enter all the possible variables, but when you have to sell to size, for example a fabric, coffee or a road trip because you rent cars, then it gets complicated, but there is no problem.

Some plugins allow this possibility and allow your customers to calculate the quantity of product they want.
To see something concrete, take a look at these demo pages: click here, or click here.

This type of calculators allow you to perform calculations or based on quantity or user defined.

What features must have a plugin capable of calculating infinite variables, let's see:

  • Use quantity calculation.
  • Calculate the prices of the products from the unit cost: feet, square meters, cubic meters, etc.
  • View the prices of the products per unit (eg "€ 1.28 / meter", "from € 3.21 / m2").
  • Manage product inventory "per unit".
  • Calculate the price of a weight or measure dynamically, and allow you to calculate the weight or volume to determine shipping costs.
  • set the minimum and maximum measurement and price limits.
  • It must calculate based on physical attributes: size, area, surface, volume or weight.
  • When calculating the volume, perimeter and surface allow entry regardless of length, width and height.
  • Must use any combination of units.
  • It must allow you to optionally include an automatic surplus estimate.
  • Allows you to customize the measurement and price labels.
  • Allows you to set the minimum and maximum values or the acceptable step / increment of the measurements entered by the customer.
  • Supports variable products for unit prices, shipping weight and inventory.

Well, we have seen some essential characteristics to allow sales to measure and with infinite variables, but a warning is a must, the main characteristic is the reliability of the solution provider. 

Find out more on SKYVERGE.

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