Does Windows 10 run perfectly? It doesn't have any kind of perfect problems! This is the moment when you need to save your "Restore Point"


Why activate the recovery point when everything is fine? Because the PC is working right now, it has all the programs loaded, the drivers do their job, you have installed all the features for your business.

Precisely for this reason it is exactly the moment when you need to activate a restore point.

Because in the event of a malfunction you can restore your Windows 10-based PC exactly as it was when you activated the restore point.

This feature is not activated automatically, you have to activate it manually, and it is an extremely simple procedure.

Look at the images below and you will immediately realize that it is really simple to do.

You see this article as a memo, because very often we forget to activate the restore point and if something happens we avoid going crazy to correct or find the culprit. We restore the PC to that specific date, at that specific moment and it is done.

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